It is true that I go looking for notable things. Perhaps more this month than usual. Oh don't we overuse that phrase these days, "now more than ever"? We need this now more than ever, we should do that now more than ever. But me, I do it too, now more than ever. It's true that looking is a little bit of a balm. It's true that getting outside (and outside and outside) is a little bit of a balm. Not looking is also a a balm. But the news finds us now more than ever. I can't say why things that happened today happened. Here is something: Kenneth Rexroth's poem laid out on two pages. The black print fine, the white space expansive. Fat borders of white space. One title in bold black. I read the poem aloud to myself and stare at the white space. The gloss of the page. His repeated phrases. I wonder if it was for Veterans, this poem. Or maybe just his friend. There is a dedication, a man's name. I can't remember which. But I wonder if it wasn't for all of us, now more than ever.